Improvisational piecing

I have a variety of classes demonstrating my particular style of improvisational piecing and colour play. Participants can learn either improvisational strip piecing or free-form piecing, both techniques holding endless potential for explorations of colour and composition and moving towards original work.

Touchstones – Improvisational strip piecing and colour play based on my award-winning quilt Touchstones #2 – Gingko Garden. Working with 20 fat quarters, participants will learn to blend colours and fabrics in a deliciously random way in this deceptively simple quilt. Suitable for all skill levels. Two day class (with time for piecing between classes).
Strata – Free-form piecing presented in an achievable wall-hanging, with some organza embellishment added just for fun. A two-day class with the quilt top pieced on the first day, ready to explore free-motion quilting on day two (suitable as a weekend workshop).
Constructions – Investigate three different approaches to improvisational piecing in this fun introductory class, opening up a world of possibilities. One day class, suitable for all skill levels.
Explorations – A more in-depth look at improvisational techniques including free-form piecing, fused construction, organza embellishment, paint techniques, bobbin embroidery and free-motion quilting. Two-day class or weekend workshop.

Contemporary techniques – Series 2

Following on from the first series, this set of classes features more techniques for contemporary and art quilts. Rather than a collection of sample pieces, this set will come together using a quilt-as-you-go technique to make a wall-hanging depicting the changing seasons. Suitable as the next step for those who completed series 1 or an alternative starting point (series 1 is not a pre-requisite).

Contemporary techniques – Series 1

This ongoing set of classes presents a new technique each month, in an achievable A4 size format. Each technique will be demonstrated, with ideas for possible applications and hints and tips for future reference. Students will complete the piece on the day, and add it to their display folder with the class notes. In addition, there will be tips for free-motion quilting as well as different ideas for binding or finishing the work. As the class progresses, students will build a ‘toolbox’ of techniques they can apply in designing and constructing their own quilts. I hope to foster the creativity of those participating, and encourage them to try something new and step outside the square.